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It can be difficult to find the right home, but having access to ALL current Laveen homes for sale can help in the process.  We are living in the age of information, and unfortunately sometimes it can be information overload.  Especially if much of the information one can find online is either outdated, incorrect or flat out lacking.

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Loans & Downpayment Options

Most homes in the Laveen area will qualify for financing.  That being said, there are some that may not.  In order to qualify for financing, homes will need to meet certain health and safety standards, so home must be livable.  Here is a small breakdown of financing.  Big disclosure, the best thing is to actually speak directly to a lender, have your credit reviewed and discuss ALL your financing options.  Then pick the best.

FHA Financing

FHA are loans that are insured by the federal housing authority.  This type of loan is very popular in the Laveen area, mostly because it has a low downpayment requirement.  The down payment for FHA is only 3.5%, and with homes averaging about $200,000, that would be only $7000 required on a down payment.  Also, the amount of the down payment, can be gifted!  Cool right?​

VA Financing

VA loans, are short for Veterans Affairs.  This type of loan is reserved for active service members, vetarans, national guard members and reservist who meet the criteria.  One of the good aspects of the VA loan, is that is allows eligible buyers to purchase a home with NO money down.  Again, talk to a lender and see if you qualify.​

Conventional Loans

​A conventional loan, is another one of the most popular types of loans.  This one is not guaranteed by any government agency.  Recently, there has been some changes to the conventional loan, and the biggest in my opinion was the down payment.  One can find a loan for as little as 3% or 5% down.  In addition, you could use a conventional loan in combination with a down payment program.

Downpayment programs and Special buying programs

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Home in Five down payment program

Teacher and First Responder programs

Here at Laveen homes for sale, you can be sure of one thing, and that is of having the most current and up to date information.  This site is actually got a direct feed into the local MLS system, which I use.  This information from the MLS (multiple listing service), is the most up to date and accurate that is available.  The mls is actually what we real estate agents use to both market current listings we may have for sale, as well as in helping us find what may be available for our buyers.  Yet here, on my site, you can view this homes all yourself with no real estate agent involvement.

The homes for sale tab, also has already set up searches for some of the more popular subdivisions in Laveen Arizona.  You may also decide, that a little more control of the home search is needed, in which case you can create your own search, a custom home search for yourself.

Below, you can also see other searches of homes for sale in Laveen broken down ​by price range or bedroom count.  If you'd like help setting up a more specific search, or are needing help with the buying prices, done hesitate to call me David at 602-373-6345.